April 21, 2009

I want This Lollipop Phone~

Why I Like This Lollipop Phone?:
  1. Because it have attractive function and also cute design
  2. Because it have 1.3 Megapixel camera on the inside and 3.0 Megapixel camera on the outside
  3. Because It 3G
  4. Because it from korea
  5. Because it be promote by my fav korea band "BIGBANG"
  6. Because it have interesting colour " i love the aqua blue"
  7. Because I Like it so much...

April 18, 2009

Restless (-_-)

My restless and busy week is starting till end of june~~

assignment due date is coming, midterm is coming

need to do MORE research on public transport

need to do research on NAZA Group 

need to do research on Exxon Veldez inciden for Midterm

need to study about product life cycle for Midterm that haven been review at class yet

need to combine small business enterprise assignment tomorrow

ready for Marketing planning exam on 23rd

need to submit SBE assignment on 25th 

need to submit Marketing planning on 27th + go for business strategy exam that day


I'm Stress

I'm Tired

I'm Dizzy

I'm Busy

I'm Sleepy

I'm Hungry (?)

The April Birthday

Happy Birthday to My younger brother Alif (12/4)

Happy Birthday to My ex-housemate Intan (13/4)

Happy Birthday to My Lovely Mom (15/4) "love u so much"

Happy Birthday to My Bestfriend Finaz (16/4)

Happy Birthday to My Cousin Safwa (22/4)

Happy Birthday to My Big Brother Hizam (29/4) 

Happy Birthday to My Brother under me Faiz (29/4) 


Happy Belated Birthday to My Housemate Keyla (30/1)

Happy Belated Birthday to My Chingu Sheilla (9/2)

Happy Belated Birthday to My Friend Azie (13/2)

Happy Belated Birthday to My Chingu Aisyah (24/9)

  • Happy Birthday and Happy Balated Birthday to you all
  • May God Bless You all
  • Hope this birthday will bring you an happy good memories

April 15, 2009

My Graduation

This evening I had chatting with my classmate and then she told me that maybe our graduation day will be on this August 9th 2009 at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Look at the picture, is it beautiful? hehe~. Actually our graduation is suppose to be next year but because of we will finish our study on this June, we have a chance to join our senior graduation on this August but if the graduation be on July, it is possible to join them. Some of my friend don't like our graduation be on this august because it too early to meet back and for sure nothing change when we meet..

I hoping my graduation will be on this august, but it OK if my graduation be on next year as long as I can have my graduation. If we grad on this august, we will grad as a Junior but if grad next year, we will grad as a senior. I think that one of the difference..hehe...I can't wait for my graduation day and I hope my Mom n my Dad will be there together..

April 11, 2009

My EverLasting Friends Forever

Friends can be anyone
Friends can be everywhere
Friends is irreplaceable
Friends is unpredictable

Best Friend always there for you
Best Friend never leave you alone
Best Friend always come when you lost
Best Friend is Forever

True Friends never leave
True Friends never gone
True Friends always be by our side
True Friends is relationship that never be break

I have Friends and I have Best Friends, But in my heart they all are my true best friends that can't be replace. I can live without a boyfriend but I can't live without my friends around me. Thank you for being my friends and the best word that I describe about my friends is you all are

April 4, 2009

HyukJae Oppa, Saeng-il Chukka Haeyo !!

Hyukjea oppa, Saeng-il chukka haeyo,
Happy Birthday hyukjae oppa,
Selamat Hari jadi Hyukjae oppa,

  • May God bless and protect you in your birthday
  • All the best in what ever you do.
  • Hope this birthday bring you more happiness in your life
  • Hope this birthday bring you Special memories in your life
  • Take care of your health and be strong in what ever you do

sorry oppa, nothing special present for you. Only a simple wish i can give to you..Oppa Saeng-il Chukka Haeyo!!~~~

April 1, 2009

My Comic

I Don't Know When It Start
I Don't Know When It Will Stop
All I Know I Love It
All I Know It Will Increase

Last year in 2008, I got new hobbies that I addicted to until now. It start when my brother bring back home one book with title " Gagahnye Kelab Manik". The first day he bought it, I just read the cover and then walk away. After a week I took the book then I read it. After reading the book, automatically a words " Ahaa~~ Sweetnyer & Romentik nyer cite nie (sambil guling2)" come out from my mouth, then I say " Lepas nie nk kumpul la buku komik mcm nie" and that how it start. Until now I still keep buying this comic, and guess what I already order 3 comic from the book shop at my college foodcourt.

This is the first comic that bought

This is my favourate comic